Shortly after the Korean war In the late 1950s a group of Californian Surfers was stationed on a US Army base on the island of Okinawa, Japan. The soldiers heard about the waves in Japan and managed to transport a few fibre glass longboards via a cousin at the US Army logistics division.

Surfing in Japan

Surfing in Japan dates back to the 1890s. The original residents and later Japanese tourists practised what is known as Itago "riding" - the native Japanese body boarding. An Itago is a floor board that was used by the local fishermen as a flotation device in case of emergencies. Children and adults borrowed those boards to ride waves after the fishermen beached their boats on the shore.

The Championship

At the height of the surf season in 1958, the surfing soldiers organised a multi-cultural surfing tournament with participants from both the US army base and the local Japanese surfers. Organising a surf tournament was an excellent way to escape army life, but was also a good opportunity to improve relationships with the local (surf) community.

The tournament was called the Fujin Surf Championship, after the Japanese God of Wind. Fujin is a Japanese Shinto God portrayed as a wizard-like demon carrying a large bag of winds on its shoulders and mostly in company of Raijin the God of lightning, thunder and storm. The name Fujin was chosen because the best waves occur when typhoons hit the Japanese islands. It is not known who won the surfing championship, nor is known if there were any successive tournaments, but the name stuck and the Fujin Surf Club was born.

The slogan of the Fujin Surf Club was: Surf, Explore, Enjoy.

Fujin Kitesurfing

Something that still holds true almost sixty years later and reflects the Fujin brand till this day. Fujin has also developed a great passion for kitesurfing. The name Fujin therefore embodies what we stand for more than ever. Every kitesurfer spends days anticipating the wind for the next opportunity to kite or dreams about beautiful kitespots around the world.

Representing the God of Wind might just give you that extra bit of luck of finding that perfect condition.

The 21st century slogan for Fujin is: Surf, Kite, Explore.

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